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NBN Network

Our Cabling Services

Our Cabling Services

Stressless will design, install, test and/or repair, we are here to get the job done, so you don't have to call multiple people, we are qualified inside and outside carrier networks for all types of telecommunications plant , such as; Fibre Optic, Copper cable, Coaxial networks, Civils, Pit and Pipe networks, Aerial/Pole  Installations, Break out and high class Reinstatement of surface materials, Internal LAN and Structured Data Networks ( Cat 5e,6/6a, 7/7a ), CCTV or IP Surveillance.  We have commercial relationships with allied companies for the few areas we do not cover so you only need call Stressless and the job will get finished.

Structured data, or voice communications using various kinds of cable, cat5,6,7

Fibre optic installation, splicing

Telephone cabling

Coaxial cabling

CCTV cabling

All cable types

Fibre Optic

Grease filled Copper UTP


Hauling, jointing, termination

Testing and Certification

Aerial Cabling – Catenary supports, bearer cabling, pole installations

Pit and pipe installations, high pressure flushing, repairs

Break out and reinstatement of surface materials ie concrete, paving, bitumen

Network proving/ Augmentation

Commercial Data Cabling

External Plant

Cabling related Civils

NBN Network
NBN Network
NBN Network

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Our technicians are equipped with (and qualified to use) the diagnostic/certification instruments available for all cable types.

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