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Asbestos Info

Asbestos Info

    Our Technicians Are:

  • Qualified removalists

  • Certified supervisors

  • Certified asbestos assessors

Asbestos Removal

Would you like more information? Contact us via our contact page.

Asbestos removal must be carried out by a licenced and qualified removalist; and safety standards must be adhered to. Here at Stressless, safety is our main priority. Asbestos can be fragile, and must be removed with the utmost care to ensure that particles are not released into the air. We are licenced to remove bonded asbestos within WA, and as an OHS and Workplace Australia complaint contractor, we offer the highest standard of service and professionalism. All staff wear protective clothing and respirators as required by law.

Our Prices

The prices we charge are generally per sqm, please contact us for an accurate estimate which will take into account things like the amount of asbestos, size and difficulty of the job, your location, tipping costs and transport distance, access to your work site and the type and size of asbestos you need removed.

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