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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Whether it be NBN or ADSL, we're here to help!

    Our Technicians Are:

  • Local and community friendly 

  • Fully qualified and experienced

  • Fully licenced and insured

  • Equipped with state of the art test equipment 

  • Police cleared

Whether you are residential or commercial, if your experiencing the change over to NBN making it difficult for you, slow internet, drop outs, cables all over your house, phone not working, confused on what to do, sick of waiting for your provider to "help" you,

    We Can Help:

  • Make your internet speed what it's meant to be

  • Stop your internet from dropping out

  • Optimise your NBN modem/router/wireless  location

  • Move the NBN  device or point to another location

  • Testing and quality assurance with full report

Basic job charge is $180 this is for travel time to and from site (We are in O’Connor) and the remainder of the hour on site. Most residential NBN cabling repairs can be completed in this time and parts (if any required) are usually less than $20. Obviously some jobs are more difficult, or investigation reveals larger requirements, should this be the case we will advise you as soon as we think it could be more than a basic charge so you can assess your options. Time after call out is billed in $90/30 Minute blocks

Please also note all our pricing excludes GST.

Our Prices

Would you like more information? Contact us via our contact page.

Our technicians will come to you!
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