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SO Wifi Info

SO Wifi Info

What is SO Wifi?

SO Wifi is an access point that gathers your visitors information and shows you that information on a dashboard that you login to via the SO wifi website. Not only that, but it provides your customers with free guest wifi!

It allows your customers to use wifi in a fast and easy way, not only for them, but for you too, it is also safe and secure, there is no need to provide a password to the users at all, all they will need to do is follow you on social media and you control the access your customers have to the wifi, such as websites they can visit, bandwidth and the time they are aloud to use your wifi service for.

The Benefits For Your Business

As you are benefiting your customers with free wifi, they are benefiting your business with likes, follows and shares on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, which will increase your social media presence, therefore bringing you more business. 

SO Wifi has an exclusive deal with TripAdvisor, once So Wifi is linked up to your TripAdvisor and then it automatically will ask your customers to review your business, so you can increase your rating and beat your competitors in reviews.


SO Wifi collects relevant information your customers provide, such as age, gender, their email address and more. SO Wifi then generates specialised reports with the information  gathered and puts it into reports you can use to benefit your business, by marketing with said information. 

You can market in various ways, such as, sending specials, promotions or vouchers, and you can send these to specific and selected groups of your choosing. For an example; If you wanted to increase the number of 35 year old women that come into your business, you can specify this and do exactly that with SO Wifi. Your marketing can all be set up to be automatic through SO Wifi, so you can constraint on running your business.

Would you like more information? Contact us via our contact page.

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